Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herbs which increse weight

Herbs Which are Helpful to Increase weight and power

    herbs that helps in weight gain
    1. Ashwgandjha - Its a Tonic and Rasayan, which helps in to increase resistance power, anabolic agent, Increases digestion power ,relives stress.
    2. Shatavri - Its a Cardiac tonic or Rasayan and a best weight gain tonic, best nutritional remedy and  also a tonic for braiin, haematanic.
    3. Yashtimadhu -It is Very good nutritional supplement tonic for body.
    4. Rasyan - It is Good tonic for good health and very energetic.
    5. Soonth - It is very Good appetizer, anticolonic, digestive, purgative, zingiberis officinalis which works like magic


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