Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rare Tips of How to Gain Weight to look Healthy


Rare Tips of How to Gain Weight to look Healthy

In this blog I will teach you how to gain weight. In this world every one want to make his or her body fit. However I know most of people from us are unhappy by their body structure, some people are over-weight they want to loose their fat. And Some people are facing problem of under weight, they want to gain fat or weight.

Following are  Great and Very Effective Tips for how to gain weight or gain fat :
  1. Eat as much as you can eat food which have more calories
  2. Eating of much is not enough because keep in your mind that it is always necessary that whichever you eat it should have to digest easily otherwise eating more will become the reason of your under weight body
  3. Examine your whole body with the help of General Doctor, and try to find where is the problem in your diet, lifestyle, habits or any other mentally like tension
  4. Eat that food more which are easily digested in your body. For instance eat butter rather than ghee. Because butter is digested easily than ghee
  5. Some of thin or light weight people can become more healthy by doing Exercise. So if you are not doing any physical work and even then you are under weight then start exercises like gym yoga morning walk etc.
  6. Most of under weight or thin people have problem in their digestion. So always mix some foods in your diets which enhance the digestion power
  7. Some of thin people are facing problem of acidity. Start taking milk in 3 times in a day. Milk will protect you from acidity, digestion of milk is easy, and it is always full of all nutrients. Cow milk is proffered
  8. One of the most preferred food to increase weight or gain fat is : eat 2-3 bananas with milk 2 to 3 times in a day. Some time people start facing problems by eating. But it is better to take shake of banana and milk. because it easily digest and more efficient
  9. Do not eat big meal in a single time always take food in 4 time in a day rather than eating big meal in 2 time.
  10. Avoid taking Tea take milk as much as you can take.
  11. Some of under weight people always live in stress by their thin body and after that it will always live in tensions. avoid this and always live in chill and happy mood.
  12. Prefer Yoga than Gym because Yoga  burns less calories than Gym.

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