Saturday, November 19, 2011

Roughly Tips to Increase weight


  • The key to gaining weight is to consume more calories than you burn off each day. Eat three big meals and three big snacks in between each meal to add calories. Eating every 2 hours will keep your metabolism constantly working, allowing your body to metabolize nutrients and not store unwanted fat.
    Read the labels on everything you eat. Pay close attention to the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and calories in every serving. In addition, avoid food that is high in saturated or trans fats.These fats promote unhealthy weight gain rather than healthy lean mass.
    Choose food that is healthful, yet high in calories such as potatoes, fish, lean meats, nuts and dairy products. Moreover, pay attention to what you drink. Go for juice, milk or a sports drink.


  • The healthiest and easiest way to increase weight is to put on more muscle. Because muscle mass is heavier than fat, the optimal way to weigh more is to burn off fat and convert it into muscle.
    Lift weights three to four times a week. Workout programs often require the performance of three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. Though this will have an impact on muscular endurance, it will not make you bigger. Complete five sets of five to six repetitions each. The weights used in these mass-building sets should be 10 to 15 pounds heavier that those used in a 10-repetition set.
    Working your muscles to failure will allow maximum hypertrophy or muscle size. Make sure you have a spotter at all times.
    Remember that not all muscle groups are the same size. To get bigger quicker, take more time working your main muscle groups such as the pectorals, gluteus maximus and latissimus dorsi muscles. These muscle chains hold more mass than smaller ones such as the biceps, obliques and forearms. If you feel your workout is already covering the large muscle groups, however, try focusing on smaller muscle groups such as the calves, triceps and rear deltoids.

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